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Deadly Numbers

Mar 03, 2011
Posted By:CoolP

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According to rumors spreading though Haiti like wildfire, answering your cell phone can be deadly. There have been several identified numbers which have been rumored to be deadly. According to many, those who have received and answered calls from any one of these numbers have died, become paralyzed, been blinded, or become mute.

They are saying that this started in Cap-Haitien, but that lot of people have been affected in the south, and that 16 people have already died. Word of mouth has helped spread this faster than the evening news.

Haitians who believe in mysticism are taking this to heart and being very careful when they answer the phone. One person we talked to said he happened to answer one of these numbers and it turned out to be a wrong number.

Others have more realistic theories and think that these rumors have started due to the many automated pre-recorded political phone calls being made by the Martelly and Manigat campaigns ahead of second round of presidential elections to be held on March 20th.

With the mysticism and number of people who are superstitious, this isn’t the first, and won’t be the last phenomenon of it’s kind in Haiti. Don’t pick up that phone!

The following are the phone numbers in question:


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Vicecomes || 03/04 || 10:40 AM

Voudou has gone techno..LOL..


Ti-Joe Gro Nen || 03/04 || 05:31 AM

mstw (m'ap souke tet mwen =smh). se sak fe moun yo pap janm evolye. yo kwe nan tout tenten ki pa fe sans.


Haitian101 || 03/04 || 01:08 AM

I needed a good LAUGH before bed. I'm sure some really truely believe it.


RPichardo || 03/03 || 08:14 PM

Don't tell that to Erick as he will call everyone with a cell phone in Haiti from the first number himself!


Rasin Ayiti || 03/03 || 07:58 PM

i have 1000 questions but if everyone who receive this phone call are infected one way or another, how do they know it was due to the number?

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