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HaitiXchange Radyo

Dec 05, 2009
Posted By:CoolP

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The regular HX comments section below will remain for a little while for those who rather not comment via Facebook.

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Eric Fernando McCormick || 04/19 || 08:17 PM

Yo! The music is hot! That is some crazy hot shit. Keep it pumpin for the Haitian's ending that second shift. For real! Doreen this is for you!


portauprincesse || 04/19 || 06:52 PM

Mwen branche wi !!!...8 more minutes


HQueen || 04/19 || 07:51 AM

KB needs to come to the forum more.


CoolP || 04/19 || 12:59 AM

Soeurette, HaitiXchange loves you right back!


soeurette diogene || 04/18 || 10:31 PM

I love haiti xchange


Roosevelt || 03/28 || 01:14 PM

I would like to get a web like i need a website please help me get it!


Nat99 || 03/28 || 12:41 PM

Thank you, I'll try it!


HQueen || 03/28 || 12:29 PM

Nat, see if you need to download the windows media player plug-in. although i still can't hear on IE, that's what i had to do with another browser.

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