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Je T’Aime (I Love You) by New-Fam

Dec 07, 2011
Posted By:CoolP

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Anpil Foto

The latest music video produced by HaitiXchange Digital Media

HaitiXchange is back from Haiti and we’ve just released the latest music video produced by HaitiXchange Digital Media. We found an up and coming group called New-Fam who had us listen to their new song “Je T’Aime (I Love You.) We immediately fell in love with it, as it is different from most of today’s Creole Hip-Hop which is usually very aggressive, angry, and uncreative. This song was a breath of fresh air which expresses an often unheard-of pleasant side of Haiti, and shows that young love is universal.

View pictures of the shooting of the video - Anpil Foto!

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