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Jesifra is Alive and Well

Aug 10, 2009
Posted By:CoolP

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A false rumor that popular Haitian comedian and actor Jesifra, (Fenelli Valcourt) had died in a car accident in Haiti took the Internet by storm on August 11th. The rumor was spread over the Internet and via text messages from Haiti right after a member of his troupe passed away after an event in Cap-Haitian.

Scouring the Internet revealed a slew of comments and confusion, and people have reported still receiving email and text messages supporting the rumor even a day later. Information on exactly who died, and under what circumstances is still sketchy.

This goes to show how efficient (or inefficient in this case) the Internet can be at disseminating information.

More information will be presented as it is made available.

Here are some comments we’ve found throughout the ‘net:

‘ Jesifra si se manti y’ap bay sou ou monche sa se yon bel opotinite pou’w jwe yon nouvo komedi titre “la resurrection de Jesifra” ‘

“bann lanmèèèd! Leave my jesifra alone se sa nou ta swete bann ravèt “

“you know what this people almost kill today leave my Jesifra alone ok Jesifra God bless you. LORD will add more years on what you have left let them talk, you please progress cause for me you are the best number one in the haitien comedian “

“Mwen dakò ak ou. Medya bouch renmen pale konsa sa yo pa konnen ”


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The regular HX comments section below will remain for a little while for those who rather not comment via Facebook.

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Richmond tuxedos || 09/05 || 01:48 AM

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konnoraiden || 09/03 || 11:21 PM

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Car service miami || 08/26 || 05:15 PM

We receive an official statement from Luphete stating that his father is ok, there was no car accident, but tragedy did strike a member of "Troupe Jesifra" Car service miami


ocapkid || 08/14 || 09:51 AM

Jesifra isn't dead... he looks like he got nine lives lol


Nehemiah || 08/13 || 10:53 AM

Some crazy kid told me that Jesifra passed away...n i fell 4 it...really is he okay , was he sick ?


Formal Wear || 08/12 || 07:15 AM

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NegNwe || 08/11 || 08:05 AM

Read, read, read. It's a rumor. The article clearly states that a member of his troup died and not him.


Haitian101 || 08/10 || 04:58 PM

I sure hope its a rumor. I was just watching him on youtube the other day.

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