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Kita Nago - 430 Miles for Unity

Jan 13, 2013
Posted By:CoolP

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By now, many of you may have already heard or read about the “Kita Nago” initiative. The brainchild of Harry Nicolas, it involves people from all over Haiti carrying a large, half-ton, polished cedar pole, 700 kilometers (over 430 miles) from Les Irois in the southwest of Haiti, all the way to Ouanaminthe in the North West.

The trip will take days and is meant to be a way to foster unity among Haitians, and make people think of how people of the nation can come together and work as one. Wherever the cedar goes there is a carnival atmosphere, with people pitching in, dancing, and helping to carry it several kilometers, as others take over and continue.

Once the wood reaches it’s final destination, it will be placed in a park to serve as a reminder that Haitians should work together. I believe this is a brilliant idea and would hope that it can somehow be repeated every year...since we tend to forget!

It is also a well organized effort with a well defined coordination team and even a GPS on the cedar, allowing us to see exactly where it is at any given moment. The trek started on January 1st with no concrete date for its completion in Ouanaminthe.

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