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Kita Nago Distance Comparisons

Jan 18, 2013
Posted By:CoolP

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With the Kita Nago movement still going strong, I thought it might be interesting (for those of us who aren’t there) to get a sense of how long the 700 kilometer trek really is. I’ve placed circles with a radius of 700 kilometers around New York, Miami, and Paris, to give us a sense of exactly how far a trek of 700 kilometers would take us from these cities.

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New York City
Heading south from New York City, 700k would take you well into Virginia and North Carolina. Heading north would take you past Montreal and well into Canada, or into the state of Main.

From Miami, heading 700 kilometers north would take you well into Georgia. Heading south, you would be deep inside Cuba (of course you would need to swim or get on a boat.)

From Paris, 700 kilometers would take you just to the Mediterranean or Spanish border if you headed south. Heading north and crossing the English Channel would get you well into the United Kingdom.

Read more about the Kita Nago movement...

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