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PAP Airport Rehab Long-Term Plans

Jan 18, 2013
Posted By:CoolP

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This video shows the breadth and scope of the Port-au-Prince airport rehabilitation project. Although it’s been up for a while, I hadn’t seen it before (I’m sure some of you have.) I was frankly very surprised at the project’s scope. Unfortunately, you will see that they are far behind based on the timeline they diaplay at the botom of the clip. Very interesting nonetheless.

Will the PAP airport ever have this many gates? Does it need it? Speak your mind - Di Sa’w Vle!

Pascal (CoolP) Antoine

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AlizyCaplon || 02/04 || 02:30 PM

I have listen from my friend that PAP Airport has ended haiti flights is that true. Toronto Airport Limo


PayneAMY29 || 01/30 || 02:23 AM

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JoeGonaive || 01/18 || 01:02 PM

Yeah keep waiting on it, did you know they going to cut on flights to Haiti? lol

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