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Rex Theatre Hosts Annual Digicel Stars Show

Aug 04, 2008
Posted By:HaitianCreation

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Young Haitian artists showed off their abilities at the Annual Digicel Stars Talent Show Saturday.

Vote for your favorite performer (Week2)

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The event was organized by Digicel to allow Haitian artists to promote their talent said Tatiana, the master of ceremonies for the event. The artists performed various dances, and songs to entertain the 900 or so audience members in attendance at the landmark Rex Theatre on Champs de Mars.

Previous talent shows took place throughout Haiti, with the last ones being in Port-au-Prince where the finalists compete for the grand prize.

Digicel notes that “The talent show is the biggest event that we put on throughout the year,” the event is televised, and the home viewing audience gets to participate by voting for their favorite artist by phone.

Each week a contestant is eliminated according to votes cast by the audience the previous week. Vote for your favorite artist here on Haitixchange.com! We will be following the event each weekend.

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View moe pictures - Anpil Foto!

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jaks || 06/17 || 02:47 AM

Yendi is a Jamaican gem. Since winning the 2007 Miss Jamaica World title she has become a darling of the Jamaican people. In 2008, when Denise Hunt resigned as host of Jamaica’s most popular television show, Digicel Rising Stars, the show’s producers looked Yendi’s way and she accepted.regards,choice hotels summer promotion


jeez || 06/15 || 03:33 PM

The 20-something is an accomplished, drop-dead gorgeous dancer who stretches herself to be the best she can be. thanks, Florida health insurance


jeez || 05/24 || 02:45 AM

Digicel Stars is the number one reality talent show in Haiti. I love that show! regards, Wellness


jaks || 05/23 || 03:34 AM

With so many new changes to Jamaica's premiere talent show Digicel Rising Stars, the most talked about is the new host. reagrds, gravel screening machine


jaks || 05/23 || 03:30 AM

Digicel’s Rising Stars is the most watched programme in the history of Jamaican television and regularly attracts an estimated one million viewers, and even more for the Final Results Show and Concert each year.


jeez || 05/21 || 05:23 AM

Digicel Rising Stars, Jamaica's most successful television show bows in for its fifth anniversary season with a new look and more auditions. cheers, Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags


jeez || 05/17 || 10:06 AM

Digicel Group, the fastest growing mobile telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, announced Wednesday that it is the first company to be awarded a license to operate a GSM network in Haiti. regards, low credit loans


jeez || 05/17 || 07:47 AM

Digicel Stars is the number one reality talent show in Haiti. It showcases untapped Haitian talent and brings it to the forefront in fine style. cheers, Picture Puzzle

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