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Spend the summer in Haiti!

Jun 23, 2008
Posted By:HaitianCreation

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There are many places to in Haiti which are worth a visit, and many provinces have activities during the summer season. The three that stand out are Fete Gele, Fete Saut D’eau, and Fete Plaine du Nord.

People flock to Haiti every year for its sunny climate, perfect waters, and excellent beaches. Along the beaches there is an unbroken line of attractions, hotels, and bars available for any number of visitors. The south coast is known for nonstop action all day and night, while the north coast with it rugged, desolate, and rocky landscape has resisted development.

Although the political climate is a bit uncertain, Haiti sees more the half a million visitors a year and is the perfect place for those seeking a nice climate, lots of culture, and great food. The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere and Creole and French are spoken nationally, which makes Haiti a hot spot for Haitian/Americans who want a trip out of the country that provides a change of culture.

Just where should you go in Haiti? Although there are a number of good places to visit, here is a list of all the province celebrations that should be at the top of your list of when you take your trip.

37 Patron Saint Festivals during the summer season:

Desdunes - Saint Pierre 29 Juin Toute La Commune
L’Estere - Mie Reine imm. 22 Auot Toute La Commune

Jean Rabel - St. Jean Baptiste 24 Juin Toute La Commune
Port-de-Paix - Sainte Rose 30 Aout Baie des Moustiques
Perpetuel Secours 27 Juin

Balladere - Vierge Miracle 16 Juillet (1ere Section Com.)
Maissade - Sainte Anne 26 Juillet (Toute La Commune)
Saut D’Eau - Mont Carmel 16 Juillet (Toute La Commune)
Vierge Miracle 8 Aout (Toute La Commune)

Bas Limbe - Mont Carmel 16 Juilllet (Bas Limbe)
Limonade - Sainte-Anne 25-26 Juillet (Limonade)
Pilate - Sainte Rose de Lima 30 Aout (Toute La Commune)
Cap-Haitien - Saint jean Bosco 31 Juillet (Haute du Cap)
Sacre Coeur 31 Juillet (Ville du Cap)
Notre D. de l’Assomp 15 Aout (Toute La Commune)

Plaine du Nord - Saint Jacques Majeur 23-24-25 Juillet (Ville Plaine du Nord)
Ouanaminthe - Notre D. Assomp 15 aout (Toute La Commune)
Trou du Nord - Saint Jean 24 Juin (Toute La Commune)
Terrier Rouge - Saint Pierre 29 Juin (Toute La Commune)

Archaie - St. Pierre 29 Juin (Ville)
Sainte-Anne 26 Juillet Saintard
Petion-ville - St. Pierre et St. Paul 29 Juin (Toute La Commune)
Petit Goave - Notre-D. Assopmt. 15 Aout (Petit Goave)
Port-au-Prince - Saint Joseph 19 Mars (Portail St. Joseph)
Sacre Coeur Juin (Turgeau)
Notre-D. du Perp. Sec 27 Juin (Bel-Air)

HX Article

HX Article

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