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Vwadezil - Kanaval 2010

Jan 10, 2010
Posted By:CoolP

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Vwadezil - Gwo Bwavo Medam - Kanaval 2010

The New Year is here and Carnival season in Haiti has officially kicked off. Music groups are applying final touches to and releasing their Carnival songs in order to start a buzz. The group Vwadezil which has had a string of Carnival hits since 2004 has released their song for 2010, “Gwo Bwavo Medam” - [Big Hand for the Ladies].  Similar to all of their previous songs, it’s full of double entendres (hence the emphasis of the word ”Bwavo"), and also contains a deeper social message. Listen to it and let everyone know what you think. Do they still have what it takes? Di sa’w vle!

For those of you who are new to Vwadezil, here is a look at their Kanaval hits through the years:

Tet Grenn - Kanaval 2009

Kote’w Ta Ye - Kanaval 2008

Pa Gen Moun Ki Pafè - Kanaval 2007

Ou Gen Pou We l - Kanaval 2006

M Pap Fe Maledve - Kanaval 2005

Pa Nan Pale Franse - Kanaval 2004

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LORENZO || 01/12 || 12:58 AM

VWADEZIL did it again, bel bwavo medam.. I wish i will be able to see them in the float this year... good luck guys

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