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Legacy of 1804 with Pascal Antoine
Posted Jan 10, 2014

Category(s): Country News People

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Why Do We Always Nit-Pick French Grammar?
Posted Oct 21, 2013

Category(s): Country People Culture

Why do we Haitians always nit-pick French grammar? We seem to do this much more so than the French and Americans do for their respective languages. I’ve seen entire online conversations get derailed because someone erroneously used an “accent aigu” instead of an “accent grave”, or made a slight error in applying the correct tense or grammatical conjugation. Of course there are situations where even the slightest grammatical errors are unacceptable, but sometimes we just can’t seem to shake that “I’m-still-in-school” mentally where the most inconsequential errors need to be corrected.

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DJ Polomixx Prezidan - Haitian Determination
Posted Sep 09, 2013

Category(s): People Culture

DJ Polomixx Prezidan - Haitian Determination

Come read about how one man was determined to see that Haitians were represented on Eastern Parkway this year…

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Fleur de Vie Focuses on the Kids
Posted Jan 09, 2013

Category(s): Country People

Interview with Dayanne Danier, co-founder of Fleur De Vie (which means Flower of Life). It is a not for profit organization based in New York that works with and supports the initiatives of struggling not for profit organizations globally whose mission is to implement social change in their communities.

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