Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HaitiXchange Portfolio - OAVCT Doc/PSA

HaitiXchange is proud to showcase the newest addition to its portfolio. This work is a PSA/Documentary we produced for OAVCT (Office Assurance Vehicules Contre Tiers), the agency responsible for, among other things, administering and collecting fees for the government mandated auto insurance of all vehicles traveling on Haitian roads. Filmed at the end of 2014, the production took several months to complete, and required the HaitiXchange team to travel the far corners of Haiti wherever OAVCT offices are located. This video is being displayed solely for the purposes of showcasing the work of HaitiXchange Digital Media. For the up-to-date information on OAVCT and its services, please visit http://oavct.gouv.ht/.

Client: OAVCT - Haiti
Directed, produced and edited by Pascal Antoine

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